Noel Poler

Noel Poler

Strategic Alliances and Digital Transformation with +20 years of industry relevant experience in media, hotels, real estate, venture capital, logistics, retail and technology.

For over 20 years I have been a technology and disruption evangelist, I have launched several startups and Spinoffs, from idea to thousand employee company. I have convinced several very large multinationals, such as DHL, to spinoff new entities as part of their transformation strategy. I have worked in companies and cultures in various Latin American countries , USA, and Europe, many idiosyncrasies and styles, Today I am the sum and learning of many successes, failures, taken and missed opportunities.

For the last few years I have been a consultant focused in Digital Transformations, a process every company is going or will have to go through, leveraging data and technology to excel.

My journey begins as an Architect and designer at Pratt Institute in New York, complemented in a never ending process with onsite and online courses and degrees from various institutions, including Harvard, Cornell, MIT, and IESA that include arts, design, business, and technology.

I have had the opportunity to live and work in Caracas, Valencia, Buenos Aires, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and out of a suitcase on the road, which has been a blessing that has allowed me to connect and relate with many cultures and very diverse situations.

Some highlights of my professional career and as an entrepreneur:

  • As CTO of Erea Management Consulting, one of Latin America´s leading strategy consulting firms, hand-in-hand with it’s CEO, we managed the company´s Digital Transformation, and that of several of its clients, incorporating BI tools and redefining its value proposition.
  • As Head of Revenue for Vme TV, the main PBS type TV network for the Hispanic market in the US, we managed to reposition the company in foundations and corporations with an educational and entertaining content.
  • As Director of Cedel, a Venture Capital Fund, I managed a portfolio of various investments in media and technology
  • As Founder and CEO of Latinlists, we turned it into the leader in data generation and administration for marketing in LATAM, with a database of over 100 million records, with operations in 4 countries, cutting edge technology, and a successful exit.
  • As a co-founder and leader of its commercial efforts in Urbano Express, a logistics company in LATAM with operations in 5 countries, $100M in sales, and later sold to The Abraaj Group, the leading private equity fund in emerging markets.
  • As co-founder and VP of Strategic Alliances of Allogis, a DHL spinoff focused in international ecommerce and supply chain management, we developed the technology still today used by DHL to provide its services.
  • As Commercial Director for DHL Southern Cone I implemented the CRM systems, managed to surpass budget every year and lunched new logistic services.
  • As Regional Director for IHG in Venezuela I implemented the technology and strategies to accomplish and surpass all goals

Each and every one of these experiences have represented many lessons, successes and frustrations that today I share with companies travelling their own path