Ismael b

Ismael Briasco

Marketing and Digital Transformation with +20 years of industry relevant experience in media, internet, technology and banking.

For 20 years I have been passionate about digital business, I have created my own Startups and I have traveled the path of the Entrepreneur from an idea to creating profitable businesses. I have had successes and failures (or rather learning), which is absolutely necessary in order to gain experience. I understand companies as systems that work thanks to the vision, skills and attitudes of people, as well as thanks to the ability to adapt to changes.

For several years I have been dedicated to accompanying companies in the challenge of Digital Transformation, understanding that the transformation first begins with the people that is why I specialized and developed as Life Coach and now in the process of certifying myself as an Ontological Coach .

With BigSmartLabs, I follow this path by defining strategies and executing them to optimize processes, improve the acquisition of new clients and implement Online Marketing strategies. As a Coach, I work with leaders to improve their personal skills in order to face the changes and challenges of digital transformation and the growth of companies.

Some of the things I did in the entrepreneurial world:

  • I founded, community of thematic conversations leader in Latin America where more than 20 million users visited it month by month.
  • I co-founded and produced one of the first video blogs in Argentina.
  • I implemented the BarCamp concept in Argentina and for 6 years I was part of the BarCamp Buenos Aires organizing team, the most important anti-conference in Latin America with more than 2000 participants per event.
  • I was also an active collaborator in Palermo Valley, one of the first movements to unite the Internet industry in Argentina.
  • I have been invited as a speaker to several national and international events related to technology and online marketing.
  • I founded ElevenU Group, a company dedicated to the development of digital content businesses for the US market.
  • Co-founded, a sports on-demand video platform.
  • I was mentor and jury of Wayra Argentina and NXTP Labs and I collaborate with startups and entrepreneurs of the Internet industry.
  • Together with Fernando Cuscuela and Noel Poler, we lead BigSmartLabs, an enterprise that aims to help companies in their digital transformation, contributing with our experience in the sector, being my main role to collaborate in the process of change management, generation of sustainable digital companies and development of cutting-edge products.

Prior to my stage as an entrepreneur I worked in important companies at an international level such as Telefónica de Argentina, Banco Itaú, Hewlett Packard, among others …