Francisco Fascetto

Francisco Fascetto

Media Management and technological transformation and innovation in companies, with more than 30 years of experience in the communication industry

He started working at a very young age in the journalism industry, with a long career in writing, from reporter to editor, for 14 years. Then he developed professionally in the management area of ​​several companies as a coordinator, with a strong purpose of applying strategies for innovation, improvement and change of processes, technological transformations and also, making strategic alliances and generating new business units, as a fundamental objective for the growth and expansion of the business.

In the academic field he is a lawyer, he has a postgraduate degree in Northwestern University, Kellogg’s and Medill School, Chicago, USA. In addition, he completed a postgraduate in Finance, several courses on management and media at the American Press Institute and other organizations.

At the institutional level he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Press Association for 12 years, Vice President of the Press Institute and Member of the press freedom committee.

He is currently Vice President of AFERA, Association of Publishers of the Argentine Republic.

Some of the tasks he perform and undertaken:

– In 1998 he completed an internship in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago, USA. Working in the editorial office and in the digital unit, also participating in the editing and selection meetings of the covers.

– He was producer of programs for cable channel and radio program.

– Led the development of the digital unit of a media holding group, owner of two FM radios, three AM newspapers and one cable company.

– Created PR Newswire for Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. He was President and shareholder for several years. PR Newswire is currently the world leader in the distribution of press releases.

– Participated in management and acquisition of hotels and restaurants.

– He is currently President and CEO of NA, Noticias Argentinas, the country’s only news agency and Publisher and Journalistic Director of Diario Popular, the third largest newspaper in sales in Argentina.