Fernando Cuscuela

Fernando Cuscuela

Business Proceses and Digital Products with +20 years of industry relevant experience in media, internet and technology

I grew up with the use of the Internet, being a participant since its inception: BBS, dial-up, bubble of .com, chats, forums, blogs, etc! I learned thanks to successes and failures and I trained as an industry professional with more than 20 years in the digital field.

I’m a Systems Engineer and I have a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Palermo, but I’m mainly passionate about new technologies and the application of them in different business areas, something I’ve done in my early days in large companies as Grupo Clarín, AOL, Turner International and Infobae.

For several years I have been dedicated to entrepreneurship, traveling this way both in Argentina and in the United States with projects that went through all stages and gave me an enormous breadth of vision on business, mainly digital.

Some of the things I did in the entrepreneurial world:

  • I co-founded Clickbunker, a leading digital native agency in its segment, having worked for companies such as Nestlé, ICBC, Bayer, McCain, Assist Card, Medical Hair and Diario Popular among others.I was Director of the Online Marketing chapter of the CACE (Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce).
  • I created, together with the University of Palermo, the first executive program of Social Media Marketing in our country.
  • I was keynote speaker in important events and congresses of the industry both in Argentina and abroad, including the United States, Spain and Turkey.
  • I co-founded Everypost, a social network management tool that was incubated in the United States and with a strong presence in Latin America and Europe.
  • Transformed Guía Oleo into a consolidated company that, after 11 consecutive years of losses, became a self-sustaining company thanks to the launch of 3 transactional business units: Delivery, Reservations and Gift Card.
  • I actively participate in the digital transformation management of Diario Popular, the third largest in sales in Argentina in its printed format and with enormous potential in its digital version, not yet 100% exploited.
  • I lead the program of Digital Transformation of the Siglo21 University.
  • Together with Ismael Briasco and Noel Poler we lead BigSmartLabs, an enterprise that aims to help companies in their digital transformation, contributing all our experience in the sector, being my main role to collaborate in the management of change management, generation of sustainable digital companies and development of cutting-edge products.