Guiding Principles – BSL Way

We close the gap between customers digital expectations and their omnichannel experience.
We help organizations face the strategic, creative and technological challenges and opportunities impacting our everyday experiences. We focus in growing the business, optimizing it and generating the biggest impact to the bottom line.
We will challenge you to see things in a different light, to envision a very different and digital
world, to question your own value proposition and how your company interacts with its
Our experience overlaps the offline and online world, large corporations and startups, the
emotional with the technical, data with intuition.
Because to get the right answers you have to start with framing the questions correctly.

Strategy Implementation is as important as Strategy Design

Digital Transformation doesn’t happen automatically once it is designed, it needs active and visible leadership. Substantial resources and equal priority and attention need to be allocated to delivering it


We are accountable for delivering the Strategy we design together

Once we have designed and communicated the Strategy, we focus in implementation and measuring what matters to guarantee goals are achieved. We make sure we know where we are in the process, who is accountable, and that gaps between plan and execution are addressed immediately.


The resources needed have been committed

We do not design pie-in-the-sky plans, they are meant to be executed, and the required human, financial, and technological resources have to be available. There has to be a balance between “running the business” and “changing the business”, our role is helping organizations change.


Leverage Insight

We do the research, analyze the data, put it in context, and turn it into insight. Be it competitor, market, client, or internal data, it is our responsibility to make it digestible, understandable and actionable. Digital Transformation requires organizations to become data driven learning entities.


Our strategies are BIG, bold, ambitious, aggressive, but kept as simple as possible

We strive for SMART simplicity, allowing us to react to changes in the environment and the ecosystem. Digital Transformations are by their nature very complex, we simplify it by identifying the key drivers and indicators, and taking quick actions through a streamlined organization.


It is a team effort driven by strong leadership

Change is difficult, technology is intimidating, most people feel threaten by it, you have to lead by example. Digital Transformation is the most challenging, radical and difficult of challenges, but the alternative is death-by-a-thousand-cuts. This isn’t the time or place for subtlety, we need the whole team in, and some will become evangelists, and some will fight change, it is important to build a team of evangelists.


We are biased towards decision making

We take ownership and follow through to delivery. We move quickly to correct course, reprioritize, and remove roadblocks. We won’t have all the information available we'll structure the plan to reinforce accountability, ownership, and a bias towards action, based on agreed metrics and milestones.


Develop robust plans but allow for missteps, fail fast to learn fast

Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance; rapid, dynamic, and agile strategy planning cycles, assure learning is incorporated into the process to deliver an optimized solution. We see the organization as a LAB to produce the optimal results


Transparency and radical open mindedness is part of our DNA

We rather part ways with a customer than avoid an argument. You can count on our honest and direct opinion, we won’t sugar coated it, we’ll tell it like we see it. In the spirit of Ray Dalio´s Principles, we won’t compromise our principles, or what we believe is needed for a successful digital transformation, if a client is not supportive and committed, we are not a good fit.